Everyone Loves a 1980s Throwback

The 1980s called and they love what we’re doing!

the 80s called

If you happened to miss the RadioShack commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl, then you missed a totally rad spot featuring your favorite 80s characters, including The Hulk, Kid ‘n Play, California Raisins, Twisted Sister, and the lovable Alf. Below is a :60 version featuring other memorable characters.
What Drempt loves even more is that Alf also showed up in an awesome 80s-themed airline safety video for Delta. This 5:30 spot will totally capture your attention and excite you about placing your oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. Check it out below.

What did you love most about the 80s? Drempt wants to know!

BONUS: Check out RadioShack’s Youtube page for additional 80s-themed videos from their #InWithTheNew campaign, like this…

~Arielle Q.


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