Nissan Drives Away Fear With This Snowman Commercial


Commercials are meant to convey certain emotions in :30 or less to motivate you to action. Is ‘fear’ a typical feeling you get with car commercials?

This winter, Nissan Rogue unveiled a snowy commercial featuring a band of evil snowmen wrecking havoc and where only an all-wheel drive vehicle can save the day.imageExcept, the snowmen scare the jambalaya out of me! Okay, I wasn’t that scared, but this scene pictured is crazy! The costume design of their devilish countenances succeeded in freaking me out…until I discovered the Nissan Canada Interview with a Snowman series on their Youtube page.
I love this tactic of going behind the scenes of the commercial shoot and giving the audience a little insider action, and in this case, meeting the regular Joe snowmen. Check out the extended commercial and an interview below!


Drempt post on Nissan Snowman commercial featuring behind the scenes interviews with the snowmen

~Arielle Q.


2 responses to “Nissan Drives Away Fear With This Snowman Commercial

  1. I love the interview with the snowmen. It’s so innovative and original and makes it a bit more lighthearted for people who don’t like being freaked out by car commercials. Smart move, Nissan.


    • Agreed!
      RadioShack similarly took us behind the scenes of their 80s Super Bowl commercial (featured in the previous Drempt post) with added bonuses, making the commercial have a greater impact with us! It’s a very smart move.


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