Big Brand Super Bowl Commercial Winners

Terry Crews and the Muppets for Toyota

Terry Crews and the Muppets for Toyota

Everyone’s talking about the big winners from this year’s Super Bowl and it wasn’t just the Seattle Seahawks!

Budweiser, Doritos, Radio Shack, and Cheerios were some of the night’s biggest brand winners. But, with a blowout game, your attention was most likely distracted with food, fun, and football, so you might have missed some of the big name players in the #BrandBowl. Check out these links below to see the top ranked commercials from AdWeek and Co.Create.
Talk about a major player in the game, Budweiser’s Best Buds commercial of a puppy and a Clydesdale had already been viewed 33 million times on YouTube before the game, via @AdWeek! That’s a sign of a major shift in the advertising game.

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials?

~Arielle Q.


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