Inspiring is not a BIG enough word..

Drempt loves TED Talks as much as the next person. Don’t you? My iTunes is filled with amazing TED discussions and conversations.

Well…Thanks to the good folks over at No Film School, here are 7 more TED Talks for our viewing pleasure! Blogger Nadia Jones compiled this list of “Seven inspiring TED Talks About Filmmaking.” She adds,

“These seven TED talks given by famous filmmakers, producers, and directors tap into the amazing potential of film as an art form, exploring the nature of inspiration, creativity, and communication.”

Inspiring is not a big enough word.

See the Talks from Jehane NoujaimJeff SkollDeborah Scranton, Shekhar KapurJames CameronMorgan Spurlock, and J. J. Abrams here.

And if that weren’t enough, in the comment section Sean Flynn suggested another influential TED Talks video! Check out Ryan Lobo on “Photographing the hidden story“.

What inspirational people or videos have you discovered? Share them on my twitter!



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