All travel (mattes) start with a first step..

Who doesn’t want to enhance their videos? A great way to add some visual excitement is to utilize the mattes!

As Genius DV so eloquently describes

“travel mattes can add another dimension to your Final Cut Pro project by allowing you to conceal part of a video image with a shape, while selectively focusing on an area of interest in your video.”

In a 3-part tutorial series, found on Creative Cow, Walter Biscardi (comically) shows you how to create the matte and apply it to Final Cut!

First, is “Travel Mattes part 1: The Basics” explaining what a travel matte is and how alpha differs from luma.

Part 2 is a tutorial about “Adding animation and drop shadows.” Applying that drop shadow is not as easy as you’d think! Check out the video here to see how to do it!

Last, part 3 of the series explains how to “Enhance your interviews.” It add new visual stimulation by having text, backgrounds, video and travel mattes! It’s a fun way to show your interview and b-roll at the same time!



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