A Brain Surgeon Rapping on TED – yes, it really happened

Amongst many things, TED Talks can introduce you to subjects you otherwise would have never heard about, or help you learn more about something you’re already interested in. This TED presentation, by Charles Limb, definitely accomplishes both of those!

Dr. Limb is a brain surgeon, who also studied music, and is fascinated by improvisation and creativity. Using his scientific expertise, he created an experiment that delves into the mind of a musician to see what part of the brain is triggered during improvised freestyle jazz. The musician first performed a memorized piece in an MRI scanner, followed by an improv session. That discovery lead him to the next part of the experiment
what is triggered in the brain during improvised freestyle rap?
Well, as you know, every experiment has a control, so in this case the rapper in the experiment had to perform a scripted rap… Thus a brain surgeon rapping on TED! Dr. Limb recited that rap for all TED viewers to enjoy; in the name of science, of course! This is a must see!
*refresh the page if the play button is not available
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