Tips with a Twist

Some time ago I stumbled upon some Final Cut tips in an unsuspecting place… The LA Times. Interestingly enough the tips were hidden in the section on their website called Framework, that “celebrates the power and explores the craft of visual storytelling.” The site also “aims to serve as a resource hub for photography, multimedia and video enthusiasts who share our passion.”

Hidden deep in the many posts and pictures in Framework, you find these gems! Humor definitely grasps my attention and that’s exactly how the author of these two posts, Tim French, will capture yours. In a witty way, he explains layout and track order in the post “Layout or Stay Out“. Drempt had a similar post not too long ago on Order in the Cut.The other hilarious post is about “How to avoid a Mr. T beat down or make a clean freeze frame in Final Cut Pro. Whichever.” It’s a step-by-step guide on deinterlacing your freeze frame, because no one wants to piss Mr. T off!

~ Arielle


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