Tips and Tricks and Lists, oh my!

I recently found out about this magazine out of the UK called Final Cut Pro: The in-depth guide to video & audio production. They claim they’re the only magazine out solely featuring Final Cut Pro. I’m not going to argue with them, because I wouldn’t know either way, so I bought the first publication off eBay. It really is jam packed with info and comes with a DVD full of tutorials!

There’s this fun section on 50 tips & tricks, and I love tips! Here’s a couple good ones:

#21 You can apply In and Out points using markers on the timeline by simply pressing [Ctrl]+[A] (Mark to Markers). This is useful for quick cutting to musical beats.
#43 To apply multiple effects at once is easily done by selecting multiple filters and dragging, but it can be made even simpler. Create a bin in the Favorites folder by double-clicking it, the right-click>New Bin. Now, by adding multiple effects in this bin (rename it something appropriate such as ‘Warm Glow 1’ and so on) you can easily drag and drop the entire bin onto a clip or clips without having to select multiple effects first.

Some other really informative lists are The Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew About Final Cut Pro…Ten Years Ago from SuiteTake, a cool news and reviews site on editing,

and The Ten Things Every Final Cut Pro User Should Know from MacLife which I found by way of the recent homepage at FCP Daily.

These are all great lists and tips and insight to add to your repertoire, whether you’re a skilled editor or a hobbyist!

Are there any tips you love and would like to share? Do so in the comments! I love to learn new things on FCP.

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