When our powers combine..

So, that bump in the road I hit over the weekend never let up.  I had to turn to Twitter for help.

I sent out a post today asking if anyone knew a quick way to compress a video without Compressor (because my batch window won’t open, so the program is pretty much useless), but keep it a small file size; export to QT conversion is too big still.

I got two amazing tips from two guys who don’t even follow me on twitter! They must have seen the hashtag #FCP.  The final solution now seems so simple. I was too flustered to see that all you needed was to…

Make a nest! Genius!

I took my whole sequence, nested it, and then exported to QT conversion. I used these custom settings and ended up saving 100 Mb!! That’s what I’m talking


Now I’m able to take a short break. Check out these videos from the group Chiddy Bang! They are so creative, musically and visually! This is awesome editing! Any idea on how they did it? Check em’ out and let me know your thoughts!

Second vid after the jump..


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