Tick tock, the clock don’t stop

Boy oh boy, it has been too long! I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really dedicate time to a post because I’ve since moved to a new city and was getting settled, but here we go!

I’ve been working on a new project! I’m very excited to be working on this interview, which seems simple enough, but have encountered more bumps than you could imagine.

I opened the files of footage and loaded them to FCP only to find they were shot on a Flip Cam, so I needed to convert the footage. Thank goodness I had this webpage saved from FCP Daily with all the resources I needed for converting Flip to FCP! The post has a link to the MPEG Streamclip application download and even a video tutorial on the whole process! Excellent find!

But then, it gets worse.

I got through a rough edit, to quickly send to the client, and I proceed with Compressor only to find the Batch window is not working! It just wouldn’t appear!

Has this ever happened to you?

Again, I scour the web in search for help and wouldn’t you know… Creative Cow had a forum all about it!  It’s a whole thread (from 2007) from people with the same problem and the things they did to overcome the problem. When I find my Final Cut disc, that’s lost somewhere in storage, I’ll give those tips a try.

In the mean time, since it’s just a rough edit and I have an extended deadline, I have some time to work out these kinks. But check out the links or pass them along if you’ve had or heard of these problems! 😀

Or if you have a helpful site saved in your bookmarks, feel free to share with me! Leave a comment or send one to my twitter.



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