Want the attention of the Millennial generation? Host a dance party like Meow Mix and Pop Secret did!

Millennials, or Generation Y as we were once called, are a free-spirited group of people born sometime in the 1980s-2000s. We are most noted for coming of age in the dawn of the internet and are believed to be a bit more open-minded then the previous generations. How can marketers tap into this wild generation? Enter: Dance music.

Summertime means school’s out, fun is to be had, and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals are to be visited. As Fall approaches, some brands are still holding on to the good times. Leave it to advertisers to make traditionally uncool items, such as pop corn and cat food, awesome and get people talking about it in Social Media. In Pop Secret‘s defense, though, “This wasn’t intended as an ad, but as a quickie video for social media” (via AdWeek), which may explain it’s only 30,310 views on YouTube to date.

Now, maybe a Microrave isn’t your thing (see what they did there?). It’s isn’t mine necessarily, but I give them an A for effort for popcornifying the dance club experience.

Meow Mix, on the other hand paw, really tapped into the younger Millennials by not only featuring a DJ, dance beats, lots of dancing kitties, but also cats with lasers shooting out of their eyes. It’s a great way to jumpstart the entirety of the campaign, with 606,702 views to date, featuring home video submissions from fans and a charity tie-in (via AdWeek). Check out all the dance-fueled glory below!

Cat DJ


Drempt blog


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