April Fools Day! 2014 Internet Pranks

Every year we look forward to what Google and other companies around the world will come up with for April Fools Day. Today, they all out did themselves!

April 1st is becoming somewhat of an unofficial holiday. By now we expect that our favorite tech companies and brands are going to knock us out with some tomfoolery.


Well, enter Google Maps. They set up the mobile app on Android and iPhone so that when you start in the Search Bar you are then asked if you want to instead start a PokeAdventure! You are then transported to a PokeWorld off the Ecuadorean coast and can begin catching Pokemon! But, you gotta catch ’em all! Check out the Google video below, featuring a tease to the best fake job ever, Pokemon Master!

Samsung UK also jumped in with a genius wish-this-was-real product video. Imagine if you will, seamless wi-fi connections wherever you go. Well, enter the Samsung Fli-fy: a wireless fidelity device at attached to city pigeons’ backs, allowing you a seamless internet connection wherever you (and they) may be. The product video is hilarious and also disappointing, because it’s not real.

Some honorable mentions, found over at AdAge, include Cheetos new fragrance, Cheeteau, American Eagle‘s “American Beagle” dog collection, and Tic-Tac‘s shakeless packaging. Check out their list out here.

cheetos april fools

Did anyone perform an All Fools’ Day trick on you? What were your favorite jokes found on the internet? Share with us!






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