Trip Down Memorex Lane


Off the heels of the last Drempt post about how ’90s television and mixed media helped shape Drempt’s future, this post takes a similar trip down memory lane.

When you think of the words Vinyl, Cassette, or VHS, what comes to mind? Do you imagine your favorite album, the cassette you prayed would never get eaten by the player, or the VHS you played over and over and over?

PBS and present an episode featuring these retro objects on the web series Off Book, which “explores the ever-changing definition of art in the hands of the next generation of artists taking creative reigns and melding art with new media.”

“We [Heart] Retro Media” is a 7:30-minute short on old school vinyl, VHS, tapes, & film, and the people who love it. Definitely worth the watch if you appreciate and miss the media of yesteryear!

(as Off Book adds more web episodes, you may have to click on the Playlist link on the video to find the “We [Heart] Retro Media” video) You can also view on PBS





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