Flashback to the 20th Century

August 1, 1981. I wasn’t born yet, not even a twinkle, but this day would change my future life.

This was the day MTV launched airing music videos, with The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” as the network’s premiere video.

By the time I was born and of an age to appreciate MTV, 90s culture was going strong. MTV and Nickelodeon were my favorite places to me! I was a sucker for innovative music videos and those classic, early 90s cartoons.

Now, does this image ring a bell? When this gem of a product came out in 1994 it, too, changed my future. I was in playing this game that I grew to love video editing. Mission accomplished on Viacom New Media’s part. In this article from AdAge in 1994, they write,

“Viacom New Media, New York, is targeting consumers with a different perspective as it seeks to re-create the hip, edgy elements of the cable TV programs on MTV: Music Television and Nickelodeon that inspired its interactive software…”Nickelodeon Director’s Lab” for CD-ROM allows kids to create their own video-like programs and TV commercial mock-ups on computer using Nickelodeon images.”

If you ever played this genius CD-Rom you, too, made short videos on their clip library, handcrafted your own graphic titles, got to orchestrate your own musical score, complete with the zaniest sound effects imaginable! And, all by yourself!

Many years passed by and I later joined the television production program in my high school. By now I’ve shied away from Nickelodeon, but started to think more seriously about video editing, thanks to hours and hours of music videos on MTV after school.

Who would’ve known that all of this early childhood Viacom interaction would help guide me down the path of pursuing a career in video editing and getting a bachelors degree in Television Production? Of course there were other factors, but it is fun to reminisce about, the good ole days in the Director’s Lab and kickin’ back with TRL.

What were your inspirations for getting into your field/hobby/career?

For a trip down memory lane, check out this commercial for Nickelodeon’s Directors Lab!



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