Remix Culture is like Déjà Vu.. Repurposing and Recycling Creative Works of Art

When I came across this on Brain Pickings I was blown away! Such a strange sensation of déjà vu!remix culture image share

The latest posts on Drempt have been about remix culture, mostly in relation to music being reused and recycled to create new tunes. Well that’s not all that can be remixed.. Let’s add art and pictures, whether moving or still. They, too, can be remixed!

See: Versions. Brain Pickings had a post about a visual essay focused on art and pictures being recreated. It is an incredible visual essay by Oliver Laric featuring images you’ve seen before. Maria Popova of Brain Pickings explains that

“the essay is as much an eye-opening exposé on the unabashed visual recycling in popular culture as it is a bold defense of the importance of creatively borrowing from greats of yore.”

The part on Winnie the Pooh and Jungle Book side-to-side blew my mind! They are identical! I guess when you need inspiration, you needn’t look far. Inspiration to create your next work of art can be anywhere! Don’t you love being a creative?


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