Time flies…

I can not believe its been as long as it has since I’ve logged into WordPress.  I’ve been busy trying to get more research done and finding more goodies on the web.  Now I can report back some of my great finds. I’ve been working on getting ideas and concepts for my demo videos and reel, and looking for resources online to help make standout videos. Here’s a list of some neat, free resources –

  • I’ve mentioned them before, but here’s ArtBeats. Every week (used to be everyday, but beggars can’t be choosers) they offer a free high quality clip.
  • Pond5 also offers a weekly free clip to build up your stock footage library.
  • This site is worth re-mentioning, Partners in Rhyme. They have free SFX, royalty-free music, and some free graphic loops.
  • The DV Show shared a list of 14 must have free plugins for Final Cut Pro
  • I don’t remember how I stumbled across this site, but CrumblePop also has some great free plugins for FCP.
  • I somehow discovered this site via Twitter, and they share great tips on all-around-production, a new addition to my blogroll, Production Apprentice.
  • Lastly, The Final Cut Pro Shortcutter has a free download of a client folder template to help keep your projects organized. I’m so excited to use this and every other tool I’ve just shared.

Let me know where you go for free plugins and other resources

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