3D text with video = Lots of nesting

The latest tutorial that I have watched was multifaceted.  It explained how to

  • 1st, single out certain colors on your video and
  • 2nd, create a very intricate and original 3D text with video inside

I found the tutorial on ArtBeats.  It is from Tony Terrana, featured on synthaxis.com

When I saw the final product I started coming up with ways they could have come up with it, but was waaaaay off!  It is way more intricate than I though and until then, I have never thought of using nesting that way. All in all, awesome tutorial and I can’t wait to try it out!

Now, I’d like to showcase an excellent video – with great editing and use of titling – that I’ve recently stumbled upon.


Credits for Heart and Soul of New York City by K1X:

Cinematography, Direction & Edit by Kevin Couliau (Asphalt Chronicles)

Art Direction by Thibaut de Longeville

Motion Graphic Design by Vincent Dumond and

Post Production by 360 Creative (Paris)


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