Playing a clip backwards now seems soo easy

I edit with Final Cut Pro, but barely have enough time to practice all the tips I’ve learned and am still learning.  I am constantly scoping the web to find great tips, so if you have any to share please contact me!

I have yet the need to have to play a clip backward, but have practiced doing so juuust in case I would ever need to. My way never looked quite right.

Well, I stumbled upon Genius DV and they showed me just how easy it is. Some may be thinking “duh”, but I’ve been missing one little step this whole time.

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3 responses to “Playing a clip backwards now seems soo easy

  1. Yep, that’s a great trick to have up your sleeve! And may I implore you to also start scrubbing all of your footage, all the time with the J, K and L keys? If you have that habit, you will see that you can easily back up with J and that will essentially let you “preview” how the reversed footage will look before hitting CMD J to invoke the Speed settings window. JK and L is like a religion. If you already do it, I’m preaching to the choir–if not, then bear with the initial awkwardness and burn it in! And nothing looks cooler to a client than seeing you slew forward in back through the footage with JKL (esp. with scub audio toggled on with SHIFT S). Has a great old-school linear editing feel!

    Thanks for the kind tweet and I’m so glad you’re following the Shortcutter blog! I’ll add you to my blogroll and I’ll keep visiting here. I love the design and color scheme of this site and always appreciate a good FCP or filmmaking tip.



    • Thank you so much for the kind comment! And thank you for the great tip! I use JKL, but not as often as I should =/
      And not in the context of previewing reversed footage, so again, thank you for that!
      Great site by the way… I am always trying new things because of it! Keep it up!!


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