Life After Pi Excellent Case Study on Contract Necessities

Dare Dreamer Magazine

If you were ever under the impression that winning awards yields to more business, the story of visual effects house Rhythm and Hues may change all of that. Two years ago they won the Oscar for best visual effects for their work on “Life of Pi.” Just 11 days earlier they had filed for bankruptcy.

“Life After Pi” is an award-winning documentary short about what happened to this successful Vfx house; a compnay that had lasted for twenty-five years and was instrumental in the effects of some of the biggest blockbusters in the past two decades.

The Lesson for Professional Creatives

I highly suggest watching the 30 minute film when you get a chance. But I wanted to highlight the part of the story that is at the crux of the situation, and is a crucial lesson for all you professional creatives.

In short, R&H had opened-ended contracts with major studios. Basically…

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