Films on Filmmaking You Might Have Missed

Are you looking forward to some downtime this holiday season to catch up on movies?

film holiday folder

No Film School compiled a list of “10 Netflix Instant Picks About Filmmaking” to catch up on this December, or whenever you have the time!

The list features a plethora of intriguing documentaries, with a few TED Talks on film sprinkled in.

Films like “These Amazing Shadows,” “on a fantastic look at the history of the National Film Registry”; or, “Tales from the Script,” “on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being a Hollywood screenwriter.” Or maybe “you absolutely love the plethora of quality television programming that has made its way to the airwaves over the past decade, then you  will love “America in Primetime,” an epic 4-part documentary that explores 4 different over-arching concepts that are prevalent in most of today’s shows. It’s extremely well done, and it features all of the major television juggernauts that one would expect in a documentary about television’s golden age.”


Whichever your style, you’re sure to find something you’ll like! Check out the full list of films you’ve gotta make time for this holiday season on No Film School here.




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