Alt Reality TV

They have a show for just about everything these days!

Pawn Shops, Fishermen, Wives, Tow Truck Companies, Wealthy Families, Poor Families, Weight Loss, Dogs, Cats, Cooking, Singing, Stand Up Comedy…the list goes on and on.

So, it was no surprise to me when I was vacationing in NYC last month that I saw this billboard in the subway and thought, “here goes another one”!


Thank goodness it instead was an advertisement for NYC PBS channel Thirteen and their take on the current state of tv. What a clever attention-getter, created by Chi & Partners!

They had a handful of print ads and followed them up with these genius tv commercials: a must watch!

Show your support by visiting and #TVGoneWrong to share in the conversation!

Do you think it was a winning strategy? Share your comments below!

~Arielle Q.



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