Google Doodle feat. Saul Bass – What HASN’T He Done?

You’ve seen his work without even knowing it was his.


He’s done it all! Saul Bass is easily one of the most recognizable graphic artists in film, television, products, and more! As AIGA eloquently states:

It’s a cliché, but Saul Bass really has done it all. Films. Packaging. Products. Architecture. Corporate identification. Graphics. His work surrounds us. Pick up the telephone and you’re hard-pressed not to recall Bass’s ubiquitous Bell System symbol and look. Take a plane—United, Continental, Frontier: Saul Bass. Go to a film—PsychoAnatomy of a MurderExodusSpartacusThe Man With the Golden ArmAdvise & ConsentSuch Good Friends: Saul Bass. In the supermarket or in the kitchen—Wesson, Quaker, Alcoa, Lawry’s, Dixie: Saul Bass. Relax with a magazine, read a book, watch TV, take some pictures—Saturday Evening Post, Warner, Minolta: Saul Bass. Give to charity—The United Way, Girl Scouts: Saul Bass.

And on his birthday, Google recognized the work of Bass in a video doodle. It’s a stimulating film title sequence collage that you must see!

Happy doodling!




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