2012 Year in Review Video

1.2 trillion.

That number is incredible! That’s how many Google searches there were thus far in 2012 – at least at the time of posting; probably another couple hundred million since mid-December.

How did YOU Google? Yahoo? Bing? AskJeeves?

1294639549_recherche internet

This year has flown by! In watching this video by Google, it attempts to sum up what the world searched for over the course of the last 12 months. Half of the events I personally haven’t a clue about, but I enjoyed that it covered our common interests, global politics, heros, sports, funny memes, and human curiosity.

Drempt‘s favorite part is that the whole year was captured in video, monumentally signifying the force capturing events holds on affecting the entire world. It shows the power of video! I enjoyed the 2:45 minute global yearbook of 2012 – let us know if you did, too! Check it out here!




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