Late Night Revival

“Lets here it from the Dog Pound! *woof *woof *woof” – Arsenio Hall

Late night tv will see a change the Fall of 2013 as Arsenio Hall is slated to return to the tube. Variety reports that Hall is returning to television as CBS recognizes that Hall appeals to the distinct demographic that they are aiming for. The Arsenio Hall Show was an innovative, Emmy-award winning show running from the beginning of 1989 to mid-1994. It appealed to a younger audience then, and as that demo has now grown up, CBS want to attract them once again. As Drempt was too young to stay up and watch the full program, I distinctly remember The Arsenio Hall Show was way cooler than those “other old guys” leading late night tv.

Here’s the intro to the final episode, from May 27, 1994. *woof *woof *woof *fistpump *fistpump *fistpump



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