Aim. Shoot. Score.

For those of you not following the NBA and The Finals, it is finally down to my Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.
(update) The Miami Heat have won the National Championship!

If you’ve been watching basketball at all since the season started late in December, you have had the chance to see the NBABIG” commercials. They were the slow-motion shots of warmups or game time that had text explaining what the players are going through – exemplifying playing BIG – accompanied by intense drum pounding music. Like this on of Rondo going after an out-of-bounds ball.

These were great commercials, but Drempt cannot get enough of those other notable NBA commercials featuring NBA stars with unusually big heads. Who are the masterminds behind these visually stimulating 30-second spots?

San Francisco-based agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has been working with the NBA for years! Their BIG campaign comes 5 years after their other “Where Amazing Happens” campaign, after the lockout of 2011 pushed the season back nearly 3 months.

“We like to refresh the brand every five years or so,” said Danny Meiseles, executive vice president and executive producer, production, programming and broadcasting for the NBA. “The ‘Big’ campaign is a simple message about our game and where our game is. We felt it was a way to speak about our game in a different way. In trying to figure out where we wanted our brand to go, we kept coming back to ‘Big.’” – Full article about GSP and NBA here.

Our favorite big head commercials started airing when the 2011-2012 season started and then a new one aired during the Playoffs. They are a must watch for any viewer, even if you aren’t crazy about basketball!



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