An Editor’s Eye

I am not a videographer.

Although, I can operate a camera, I do not have the training to title myself Director of Photography. I have taken news and field camera classes and have shot numerous personal home videos and interviews for clients, but ask me about ISO and I go blank.

I am a video editor or I’ll even use the term video production professional.

As explained in this quote from Reel SEO, in an interview with a digital media director,

“A videographer has a more specific skill set, particularly around camera operation. A video production professional is more of a generalist, with the ability to think through the video production process end-to-end… Along with videography skills, a video production professional may need to aid with the full production process. They can aid with planning, setup and breakdown of a shoot location. They should also be able to aid with the post-production, including editorial advice.”

With that being said, as a video production professional I have had the opportunity to shoot most of the work I’ve edited on Drempt and have felt I did a good job behind the lens – this given the fact that I shoot with an editor’s eye.

Dylan Reeve, aka Edit Geek, wrote a list of must-see helpful tips for fellow editor/camera folks! As he calls it, these are tips for “shooting from my cosy seat, miles away and days or weeks later.”



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