Editing Tip-Top Tips

Quick question…

What were the best editing tips you’ve heard?

Where did you pick up those tips? Did you acquire them on you own or stumble upon them?

Drempt wants to know!

Did you scour the web and come across websites like Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Tip of the Day? A new tip is generated everyday!

Did you happen upon Avid‘s Forum and find “7 Quick Tips for More Efficient Editing“? Great tips on getting and staying organized!

Have you checked out Oliver Peter‘s blog post “Ten Tips for a Better Final Cut Pro Experience“?

Do you follow #PostChat on Twitter? A weekly meeting place for editors, where you can gain new perspectives from all around the world!

What about Drempt‘s past blog post “Tips and Tricks and Lists, Oh My“? That was a fun post to research! 😀

Please share in the comment section your best editing tips! Whether your a beginner or a seasoned professional, we can always learn something new!




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