Creativity and Productivity Boost

Need a quick boost to your productivity and creativity? Look no further than Drempt! Thanks to The 99%, and these three helpful articles, you can get back on track and finish that project you’ve started.

On Keeping It Simple” there are three helpful and essential tips on centralizing the essentials of your operation, clearing your workspace, and busting out old-fashioned pen and paper. These will all help you “reduce ‘brain clutter’ and streamline your workflow.”

“Anything we can do to reduce our distractions and dial down the background noise is going to help us produce better work.”

Now, have you ever sat there in front of a project and just stared? Maybe even have found anything else to occupy your time? In “Why Can’t I Finish?” they focus on the four most common barriers and how you can overcome them and the fear of finishing.

Last, I personally enjoyed reading “Developing Your Creative Practice.” Don’t your best ideas come in the shower? That’s because relaxation is crucial to creative insight. This article focuses on 5 tips to help capture your creativity. My favorite was #5

Creative prompts. In the ‘70s Eno developed his Oblique Strategies cards, a series of prompts modeled after the I Ching to disrupt the process and encourage a new way of encountering a creative problem. On the cards are statements and questions like: “Try faking it!” “Work at a different speed.” “Turn it upside down.” “Use an old idea.” These prompts are a method of generating specifics, which most creatives respond favorably to.

What methods of staying creative and productive have you found to work for you? Share them here!



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