Downtime?.. What’s that again?

So much to do and so little time… I can’t be the only one saying that phrase!

My list is ever growing as my projects seem to require more info and detailing – and it’s a good thing! Not complaining about the work at all!

I’m asking, what about time for self?

Drempt is all for searching the web for little treasures and there was a great article from The 99% about just how to adapt to and maintain this precious thing known as downtime.

Check out the article “What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space“.

Once you get a grasp on your time, check out this article on managing communication overload. This definitely goes hand in hand with downtime management. “Stop the Insanity: How To Crush Communication Overload” is next on the reading list!

The 99% is all about “Making ideas happen”, and how else can you achieve this than by making your self better! Optimizing yourself even, which leads to this last article on “Why You Should Be Optimizing“. A little improvement and updating never hurt anyone.

And last, for some extra reading, check out “It’s Time To Kill Multi-Tasking“. The 99% took to twitter to find out how followers felt about multi-tasking, and found out they were over it! Check out the tips in the article on how to become better single-minded focused.



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