Short Q&A with the creator of “Everything is a Remix”

Remix culture!

 I was first introduced through a post on Brain Pickings and my interest skyrocketed from there – as you can see in some of the latest posts here on Drempt!

In my research, I found the website and video Everything is a Remix. I was so excited to hear it was a 4-part series and was hooked after the first one!

I contacted creator Kirby Ferguson  to see  if he could answer some quick questions about his project. Within days he responded with the answers! Thanks again Kirby! Can’t wait to see more of your work!

1. What inspired you to create this series? How did you come up with this idea to create a series?
I’d heard about numerous cases of copyright infringement and I thought someone should do something with a more moderate attitude towards copying. I also thought it would be interesting for people to see how very creative people — like Led Zeppelin, Lucas and Tarantino — came up with at least a handful of their ideas.
2. How long did it take you to research part 1? Part 2? Did you have help?
3. How long does it take to edit the videos?
(I merged these two together)
Oh man, these things take forever. I work full-time, but they each took about 4 months each. I had a bit of help on Part 2, but nothing on Part 1. The research and editing are particularly slow-going. The writing isn’t too bad. But overall, they’re terribly time-consuming to make.
4. What can we expect from the next 2 parts?
You don’t really expect a straight answer to that do you? 😉 I can only say that the heart of what this series is about will be in the 3rd and 4th parts. The first first two were just laying the groundwork.
5. After the 4th Everything is a Remix, then what?
I think I’d like to take a little breather and do something smaller, then after that probably start another series, or perhaps even a feature. This series has been very successful and I’d like to try something bigger and better after it.
Here’s a link to another Q&A with Kirby on the site Short of the Week! It’s great to read the inspiration behind this project!
Check out the video here and check out his website for more information!

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