Slip, Ripple, and Roll!

Final Cut has so many helpful tools and shortcuts to really utilize the program and make a stimulating edit. I’m not sure how one could remember them all, but thanks to the Internet we have all these tools at our fingertips! I’ve been working on getting comfortable using the ripple, roll, slip, and slide tools and have a compilation of tips to share.

  • To start, the week of April 5-9, 2010 was a great one over at The FCP Shortcutter! They posted a great blog on roll/ripple one day and slip/slide the next. The rest of the week focused on equally exciting tips to create a faster and more efficient workflow, brought to you by the letter “V” and the letter “U“.
  • Over at The Edit Foundry, there’s a blog post with a play-by-play of the tools in real practice.
  • In doing my research I discovered Filmmaking Central with a helpful tutorial showing all four tools. Here’s a screenshot of slide in action. Click on the pic to see the vid!
  • What tips have you found online on ripple/roll/slip/slide?

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